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FitBody Recipes

Food nourishes not just your body but also your mind and spirit. It's simple really, when you eat better you feel better. And there's nothing more delicious than the ingredients that nature has given us. Your body truly is your oldest and dearest friend; it requires care and nurturing. Feeding it with the freshest healthiest options will reward you with an inner and outer glow. Nutritious food is at the cornerstone of finding health, vitality and peak performance!

All of these recipes have been taste-tested by the most discerning palates I know – my family's! I will gradually add more, so do check in regularly. I even have a few ideas I'd like to experiment with and promise to share as soon as they're "fitbody" ready.

Thanks for visiting and please don't be shy, do share your comments and suggestions!

Buon appetito!


Main Dishes

Vegetables and Side Dishes

"FitBody... a natural approach to health, vitality and peak performance."



New Recipes:

"I made the Lentil soup tonite, so easy and so good. All the kids loved it - nothing short of a miracle when all three are onside! I will be making that one again."